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Gardens and Landscapes of Portugal journal has the objective of gathering a club of members. All members of the Scientific Committee are journalís members, as well as all journalís team, all authors that publish in this journal become members, and people interested in this field of studies can become members through application.

The members will be advised of all events and will have discounts on all Gardens and Landscapes of Portugal journalís events.


Ada Vittorina Segre (University of Technion, Israel)

Alexandra Gago da C‚mara (Open University and University of …vora, Portugal)

¬ngela Domingues (New Universiy of Lisbon, Portugal)

Ana Duarte Rodrigues (New University of Lisbon and University of …vora, Portugal)

Ana Luengo (Autonomus University of Madrid, Spain)

Anatole Tchikine (Dumbarton Oaks/Harvard University, USA)

Aurora Carapinha (University of …vora, Portugal)

Francisco Baptista ( Gardens and Landscapes of Portugal designer)

Gerald Luckhurst (Mediterranean Garden Society, Portugal)

Isabel Lopes Cardoso (University of …vora, Portugal)

Jan Woudstra (University of Sheffield, United Kingdom)

Jean-Pierre Le Dantec (Emeritus Professor of La Villette University, France)

John Dixon Hunt (University of Pennsylvania, USA)

LuŪs Vicente Baptista (New University of Lisbon, Portugal)

Margarida Acciaiuoli (New University of Lisbon, Portugal)

Marilyn Kahan (Mediterranean Garden Society, Portugal)

Nicolas Fiťvťs (Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes, France)

Pascal Julien (University of Toulouse II Ė Le Mirail, France)

Paulo Baptista ( Gardens and Landscapes of Portugal co-editor)

Paulo Rodrigues (University of …vora, Portugal)

Rosie Peddle (Mediterranean Garden Society, Portugal)

Teresa Andresen (Oporto University, Portugal)

Teresa Leonor Vale (University of Lisbon, Portugal)








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